baby bowties

Baby boy Cowboy Theme pictures #cowboy can't wait to have little cowboys :)

newborn pic idea for Huddy @Trish Papadakos Papadakos - DAiSYS & dots Schoor :-)

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faire part de naissance mignon mignon

Dress 'em right! Bow tie special!

Newborn, Infant/Toddler, Youth Bowties - Brown and white damask flannel fabric

Baby jazz hands! Bling bling!

Funny birth announcement

baby tie :)

So cute!

Can't wait to do this!

Um, if I ever have a baby boy, his baby pictures will TOTALLY have bowties.

Newborn boy Newsboy hat Bowtie Bow tie baby boy Photo prop hat Billed hat gray

Sock Monkey & Baby picture, not a big sock monkey person but would be cute with any stuffed animal.

3 Month Baby Pictures...he looks like a little old man!! I love it!! SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!

These are great examples of how to photograph a 3-4 week old baby. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEW BABY PHOTOS- I AM GETTING EXCITED ABOUT LIAM'S ARRIVAL

Cute newborn picture

tutu baby in a basket

for a baby boy - precious!!

Baby Baby Baby