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    Kyoto, Japan.Geisha (geiko) Mamechiho photograph by Michael Chandler.

    Geishas are expert entertainers in traditional Japanese arts of the highest calibre.

    la grace est une impression furtive et fragile..une beauté hors de ce monde ...insaisissable et pourtant si offerte a ceux qui savent,les sens en éveil...baisser les yeux ! frederique

    Maiko geisha...there's just something mysterious; historical & gracious about them.

    Edo Mura. by Aflânio Tomikawa, via Flickr

    Maiko (apprentice geisha) Sayaka : Kyoto, Japan / Japón by Lost in Japan, by Miguel Michán, via Flickr

    Traditional Japanese dance! Study Abroad | #GlobalGators! Visit the #UFIC website for more information:

    Japan. Because of the rainy weather, these two new maiko in Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto, had to wear plastic covers over their priceless silk brocade obi on the day of their misedashi (their first day as maiko, when they are presented and introduced to the district with their new professional names). Sanbonashi is the "three-legged" prong of bare skin left unpainted at the nape of the neck only on very special occasions. | flickr via mboogiedown

    an advanced maiko. she'll soon be a fully fledged geisha. you can tell by her hair-do and collar

    In Japanese mythology, Izanami-no-Mikoto, meaning "she who invites" is a Goddess of both Creation and Death, as well as the former wife of the God Izanagi-no-Mikoto. She is also referred to as Izanami-no-kami. In Her story, Izanagi-no-Mikoto lamented the death of Izanami-no-Mikoto and undertook a journey to Yomi ("the shadowy land of the dead"). The story is wonderful, look it up!