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    great dane

    7 Dogs who are bigger than their owners, Click the pic to see all

    Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest

    Great Dane

    Look how BIG I am!!!

    Big dog saying goodnight to his sweeties. #dogs #pets #EnglishMastiffs

    I'm telling' ya, Dane's think they're lap dogs! It's true with each one.

    *Great Dane-OH NO, he's HUGE!!! Stop being so mean!! *Chihuahua- you not so big and bad!!!How big a boy are you!!??

    There's nothing we love more than a puppy gently snoozing away. Well, scratch that... the one thing we love more is a LOT of puppies and dogs gently snoozing away.

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    5 mind blowing facts about dogs

    Great Dane

    The 5 most expensive dog breeds in the world, You cannot guess how much this one cost!!

    Big black wolf hybrid dog with her master, click on the pic for full information about this breed :)

    Great Dane

    cute dogs! this really shows that great danes are just gentle giants

    great dane love. Wow, he's cute.

    Almost get it #Great #Dane

    This is why my one day Great Dane, will NOT be at my one day wedding :)

    Great Dane T Shirt | All I Care About is my Great Dane T Shirt

    Disobedient dogs who are definitely on the Naughty list this year!