1984 is author George Orwell's dark vision of the future. Written while Orwell was dying, it is a chilling depiction of how the power of the state could come to dominate the lives of individuals through cultural conditioning.

Animal Farm (George Orwell)

Quite possibly one of the creepiest and most apt covers I've ever seen for George Orwell's "1984."

Favorite quote, heard on my favorite show. One Tree Hill:):):)

Graphic Artworks Inspired by 20th Century American Authors | Orwell | Destruction of Words, Vaughn Fender

A combination of many vocab charts... :)

WOW, that hits home! I Love to be loved, but not just loved, I want someone to understand me completely! THAT is very rare!

George Orwell on politics and war. 1984, still an relevant and profound readl

my heart cried when i viewed the film..

Penguin Modern Classics Octopussy & The Living Daylights

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Argument: Counterclaim sentence frames

What the Teacher Wants

Bertie Wooster and Jeeves discuss music from the excellent TV adaptation of Wodehouse's hysterical books.


Critical thinking skills are what we want our students to develop. Without these skills we can not guarantee a sound and effective education that will enable our kids to seamlessly blend in tomorrow 's  job market. Therefore, it is our responsibility as teachers and educators to fully understand the components of this set of skills in order to better focus on them in our instruction.

Beloved classic short stories are ramped up in this MASSIVE bundle of dynamic lessons. Click here for a full month of active learning.

Dictionary Book Art Print Upcycled Vintage Wall Art 8 x 10 Book Print. $8.00, etsy.com (HamiltonHousePrints)

Cover art 1937 by JRR Tolkien himself, Harper Collins. And yes, it was written and published as a children's book, unlike the trilogy that followed.

Print off this blank "Pinterest" board and have your students fill it in with images and quotes from book characters, famous authors, historical figures, scientists and more!