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10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics

What's happening in the world of social media? That's not a simple question to answer, as this space is quickly becoming one of the busiest, most interesting aspects of our digi...
  • Vitor Roque

    Social Media Valuations Social Media Valuations Social Media Valuations. #social media #infographics

  • John Penrod

    The Social Networking Over-the-Top Valuations Explored: a Tech Bubble? [Infographic]

  • Jorge Ayuso

    Social Media Valuations. Is there a tech bubble? #socialmedia #infographic

  • Annie Belmonte-Pugh

    Is there a Tech Bubble? Recent over-the-top Social Media Valuations explored #facebook #skype #groupon #linkedin #twitter #delicious

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Amidst the Facebook-centric society in which we now seem to live, it’s important to remember that groups of people around the world use social networks differently. This infographic takes a look at the social media breakdown in 10 countries — how they’re engaging with social networks, blogs and Internet culture.

Here you will find some interesting stats about web-supported social networks. Check which of them are in the rise and which are declining. Check which one gathers the most afluent, and which one the most educated people. #infographic #stats #2012

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I'm seriously addicted to #infographics especially love this because its about #socialmediamarketing

Social Media Marketing by the Numbers + 6 Social Media Campaigns & Their Metrics von #Mashable #infografik - auch eine Kampagne aus Deutschland ist dabei: "nie wieder Bohren" (Befestigungssystem)

Social Media and where its going.. If you want to get anywhere the first thing to do is create a Twitter. 100% of the social media managers had one in the survey. What path will you choose?

Automate your social media marketing and improve your sales see

Most Kids are Already Social Media Adults by the Age of 13 according to infographic from @teammarketingprofs. In 2012, parents have to be social media savvy to keep up with their kids.

Social networks are addictive and people are mostly using it. Even more important, they are using it in the wrong way, risking their jobs. Here are some tips by Tribe HR explaining bad ways of using them and why they are bad. Remember, using social media isn’t harmless so try to avoid risks.