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Come share your favorite "bar/beer" jokes at the Minhas Crafty Brewery. The second oldest brewery in the nation. The oldest brewery in the Midwest! - Minhas Craft Brewery

No, seriously. You're killing puppies. Sometimes, Kate, kittens die instead!

Boho Weddings™ For the Boho Luxe Bridefrom Boho Weddings™ For the Boho Luxe Bride

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 274

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 274

Living in Designfrom Living in Design

The Continous Interior

♡ la luna muerta

Couldn't have said it better myself. Some days go by where I haven't finished one single thought without being interrupted.


How I judge people…

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Funny Text Messages - ppstrongHUNGARYi am hungary./strong/p pMaybe you should czech the fridge./p pIm russian to the kitchen./p p!/p pIs there any turkey!/p p?/p p!/p p?/p pWe have some, but its covered with a layer of greece./p pEw, there is norway you can eat that./p/p

munamain: Some people need to learn the difference lol #SpecificVsPacific #Ecards #GrammarNazi (Taken with Instagram)

Why punctuation matters. (When I first saw this, the post was 'why punctuation maters It's matters, not maters, and you need a capital and a period! I wouldn't care if it was on any other post, but this one's all about punctuation!)


And God created Saturn…