Cut - by Patricia McCormick

This is a good interesting book!

I love this book!

Only book to make me cry!

was a good read

#3 and the last are my faves.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

literally broke my heart while reading, but amazing. </3

The House of Night series

Cut | Patricia McCormick | No. 86 Most banned and challenged title 2000-2009

Maybe I will try this someday

great read and movie

so sad, but good.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is a 2007 novel by Afghan author Khaled Hosseini. It is his second, following his bestselling 2003 debut, The Kite Runner. Both are AMAZING books

Stephen King

reading right now :)

Not sure if this will end up being disturbing: Four years after Tom and Abby's 12-year-old daughter vanishes, she is found alive but strangely calm. When the teen refuses to testify against the man connected to her disappearance, Tom decides to investigate the traumatizing case on his own. Nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Oooh! A good dystopian series!