This site has AWESOME ideas for homemade costumes!!

Not sure the place where the gumball comes out is in the right spot, but it's a cute idea!

DIY All-Girl Group Costumes (great for those girls who prefer original and funny over provocative homemade costumes)

How to make spider webs inside a balloon. Great for parties.

ADULTS: DIY jelly belly costume - Really Awesome Costumes

Sexy Gumball Girl Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

couples costume!

Homemade Costumes for Adults - a lot of homemade costume ideas!

Love the costume

Halloween Costume: Black & White characters using grayscale makeup.

simple shark costume made with sweatshirt and sweat pants...I also saw a trio of costumes recently that was adorable: shark, lifeguard (red shorts + lifeguard shirt) and surfer (swimsuit)!

great costume ideas

Homemade Costumes for Couples - a lot of homemade costume ideas!

homemade halloween costumes | Coolest Homemade Lifesavers Halloween Costume 2

i think i would crap my pants. which would be ironic. but seriously. terrifying. @Jackie Andersen

My halloween costume!?! Damn good job on the makeup! lol

My project this october

Original Couples Costume Idea: Jack and Jill… After the Hill. Great site for homemade costumes. Get a jump start on next year.