Africa | Set of silver coptic crosses bought in Egypt some 25 years ago. The silver brooch was also bought at that time and represents typical Nubian houses in Upper Egypt. | © Jose M Pery. { It is worth noting here that there are Coptic people in both Egypt and Ethiopia, which might explain why the crosses look so similar }

Africa | 10 silver crosses from Ethiopia | The lot 280 € ~ sold

Africa | 10 silver crosses from Ethiopia | The lot 150 € ~ sold

Africa | "Ethiopian crosses, usually named after towns or provinces of the highlands, are either cast by lost wax method or cut directly from a Maria Theresa dollar" | ©Caption and image Angela Fisher from her publication "Africa Adorned".

Africa | A collection of old pendants from North Africa (Egypt, Libya and Tunisia). All high quality silver | Ranging from 35 to 70$

“Purely Spectral" (mixed media, 24×36) by Brenda Benson, 3rd place winner of the Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed Media Excellence Awards #assemblage #3Dart

Ethiopia | Coptic Crosses Historically from about 400 AD Ethiopian Christians have cast, or carved from large silver coins such as the Maria Theresa Thaler, ornate looped crosses with styles distinctive to each highland town. || These hand carved nickel pieces are still made and worn today. | Mixed designs as shown, $9 Each; $35 / 5 different; $60 / 10 different

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