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Sometimes you just have to marvel at how handsome David Beckham is - Imgur

David Beckham, why is he so hot?

David Beckham. The picture that stopped me dead in the airport concourse. What the hell is that and where can I get one?!?!

David Beckham's Sexy Underwear Ads - Jeez, is he even REAL?

David Beckham ...Yep! I'm a Beckham fan! The way he can bend a ball had a tremendous affect on goalkeepers

David Beckham... in a suit or on the field, he's delicious.

David Beckham - total alpha male status, dad, husband, fit, athletic, dapper… the list goes on.

David Beckham Everything I want all rolled up into a beautifully handsome package

David Beckham. One of the reasons this country is starting to acknowledge soccer as a sport worth following.

Emmanuel always says that Becks isn't the greatest soccer player. To that I say, "I really don't care about his soccer abilities, I just want to look at him!"