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7 Surprising Table Faux Pas You Shouldn't Make

We asked Refinery29 staffers to share some of their own cultural quirks or things they’ve learned while traveling. Ahead, find surprising table dos and don'ts from seven different countries that might contradict what you were taught as a kid.

12 Surprising Foods Vegetarians Cannot Eat

12 Surprising Foods Vegetarians Cannot Eat. Even the most seasoned non-meat eater can still be surprised by common foods that have ingredients made from animals. Here are 12 foods that vegetarians can’t eat.

The 33 Best Donut Shops in America

After artisanal donut shops have risen up like the magical yeasty treats themselves all across America, Thrillist writers picked 33 faves.

The Best Cities In America For Burgers, Pizza, BBQ, and More

There are grocery lists, and then there’s Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Oscar party grocery list. We can’t even imagine the tally, but one thing is certain: The attendees at the Annual Oscar Governors Ball will eat well Sunday night.

Get a Perfectly Ripe Avocado Every Time With This Simple Hack

As any avocado lover knows, finding a perfectly ripe specimen takes lots of time, patience, and often, heartbreak.

Meet the New Bagels on the Block

Purists are elevating this humble bread from the cartoon wheel it’s become into a thin, crispy treat that’s more than a cream-cheese conduit.

15 Tips for Navigating the Farmers Market

We take our farmers marketing seriously, and do it often enough that we’ve learned a thing, or two. Here are some of our favorite tips for visiting the market.

Menu additions like kale and quinoa, company commitments to ridding their food of artery-clogging trans fats, and surprising studies that found eating a Happy Meal might help you lose weight, are all among the interesting facts about McDonald’s that you most likely didn’t know. We’ve also included some less-than-awesome facts and some of their craziest ideas.

What's the Deal with: Virginia Wine

Sayulita: the Mexican Beach Hideaway You've Never Heard of... Until Now

For those who prefer “haven’t been-there-done-that” in Mexico, there’s a solution: Fly into Puerto Vallarta, on the country’s Pacific side, and head north about 45 minutes to the undiscovered town of Sayulita.