The Dirt: newspaper seedling pots. I love this idea it helps keep the weeds out of your garden and uses recycled materials

Herb pots painted with chalkboard paint

Recycled newspaper pots

Best seed tape ever! Yup you guessed it toilet paper! Planting tiny seeds is easy with this simple gardening trick!

Self Watering Seed Starter Pots

Just lay a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot covering the hole before filling the pot. The soil will stay in the pot and the water will still drain out because that is what coffee filters are designed to do; let water through.

newspaper seedling pots

gardening tips- How to make an eggshell seedling pot.

Easy DIY: Terrariums

Starting Vegetables Indoors from Seed • Tips & Instructions!

DIY plantable seedling pots made from newspaper

Adding moss to pots.

DIY Garden Pots

Here's a really cute gardening idea: tic-tac boxes for seed organization.

DIY Potted Herb Garden

How to grow Meyer lemons.

A great small and easy way to try composting!

Sprinkle cinnamon on the soil after seeds are planted or when fungus or mold is detected on the seedling or plant to kill the fungus or mold.

DIY - How to pot succulents

TUTORIAL Newspaper pots for your seeds. And once your seedlings are old enough to move out on their own you just pop them into the ground -- paper pot and all.

Cheap and easy Cedar Window Boxes! LOVE these!