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    Spice blows are an event on Arrakis that resulted in the Spice Melange being pushed up to the surface of the desert. They are caused by immense pressure building up within the pre-spice mass, deep below the planets surface. A spice blow is known to have caused the death of Liet Kynes.

    Dune by Dave Gutierrez 13×19 pencil, ink and watercolor *SOLD* If you’d like to get on Dave’s commission list, please contact me and I’ll get it arranged for you.

    very cool Duke Leto's signet ring from Dune 1984 replica by bytestobits, $100.00

    Kwisatz Haderach t-shirt

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    Dune art, Disney style

    Atreides Leaders by Kristele.devianta... on @deviantART

    Atreides Leaders by Kristele.devianta... on @deviantART

    Atreides Siblings by Kristele.devianta... on @deviantART

    daily-dune: Lynch. DUNE. Manga. This is not a drill. As noted by Mendelpalace, the above art is by Ryoichi Ikegami, of MAI THE PSYCHIC GIRL and CRYING FREEMAN. I don’t know if they’re some promotional posters or what, but it would be pretty amazing to see his take on the whole of that story.

    "If you believe certain words, you believe their hidden arguments. When you believe something is right or wrong, true or false, you believe the assumptions in the words which express the arguments. Such assumptions are often full of holes, but remain most precious to the convinced." --Frank Herbert- Children Of Dune

    Morgan Fremen

    Fear is the mind killer. Dune. bene gesserit

    Hey Kids, Let’s Color David Lynch’s Dune Coloring Book!


    Dune by

    In 1997, Last Unicorn Games released Dune: Eye of the Storm, the first installment of a Dune collectible card game. These paintings for the game, by artist Mark Zug

    Dune redesign: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Simon Dubuc on ArtStation at

    St. Alia of the Knife

    Chani/ Sihaya by Skyzocat on deviantART

    fremen, stillsuit

    Daily Dune