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Looks like I'm not making a latte this morning.

good morning

Good morning...! Happy coffee!

Coffee...It's why you got out of bed this morning.

Coffee #119: Ayyyyyy, Sexy Latte. - Oppa Gangnam Style, Starbucks, Cup

Lol yup

People say this to me every morning ;) #coffee



#Coffee #Quote

I don't have to announce it to anyone...I am ALWAYS having coffee. :)

Coffee, Coffee & Coffee: Will Kiss For Coffee

I am dying. I laughed so hard.

best. thing. ever.


I laughed SO Hard

That's what I keep saying!! GRRRR!!!

This is how you eat a cake. You become the cake as it fills your spirit.

How I Met Your Mother

Signs improved by graffiti

Bowl cut mullet. This is a whole nother level.