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    Yes, I did, as a matter of fact, take this quiz. "You got: Gnocchi Congratulations! You’re gnocchi. You’re hearty, delectable, and super versatile. You can be high brow or low brow, who cares? You’re pasta, baby."

    Which Day Of The Week Are You? i got: Monday You’ve got a Type A personality, and you tackle things head on. As for all those losers who hate on Mondays … whatever. You’re three steps ahead of them.

    What Kind Of French Fry Are You? Tater tots

    Quiz: Which Pet Should You Actually Have?

    What Disney Ride Are You? You got: Space Mountain Flickr: xcelerator / Creative Commons You’re out-of-this-world awesome! You’re a thrill-seeker and never afraid to take on any new challenge in the universe that comes your way. Now prepare for liftoff! march 14

    Quiz: Which Pie Are You?

    What Color Best Describes Your Inner Personality?

    What State Do You Actually Belong In? You got: South Carolina First things first: you’re way better than those suckers in the North. Who needs ‘em. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about you: you’re a relaxed person, someone who isn’t going to stress out about every little detail. You prefer to go with the flow and takes things as they come. That’s totally fine. feb 2014

    Which Modern Family Character Are You? You got: Phil Dunphy USA Network/Contributor / Getty Images You’re the fun one. You know how to make people laugh even if sometimes the joke is on you. You’re spirited, lighthearted, and always there for the people you care about. feb 14

    Taters Gonna Tate

    What Color Best Describes Your Inner Personality I got pink

    What Childhood Book Are You? Probably my favorite buzzfeed quiz so far!

    Which Soda Are You? I got root beer!! You’re innocent, playful, and sometimes easily distracted by alluring things — like scoops of vanilla ice cream. You’re someone who is always a bit nostalgic, loving to live in perfect moments. Like, if it could be either summer or Christmas all year round, that’d be GREAT.

    I got vermillion! What Color Best Describes Your Inner Personality?

    Potato knows a tater tot

    27 Of The Best Puns Ever On Tumblr

    Which Mythical Creature Are You? I GOT UNICORN!! I am a perfect creature and eternal optimist

    How dare you out weird me this sounds like a txt conversion me and my friend would have

    I got a donut XD