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    Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from a tree? Is it the wind that blew away? or Is it the tree that let it go? or Is it the leaf who grew tired holding on? . . . . . Life unfolds a lot of misunderstandings everyday ...every moment... I'ts up to us to: ...Solve it, or Leave it or Live with it...



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    So, so true. Live for yourself, not everyone else. Everyone should be happy.

    Hope, Faith, and Courage


    I really need to keep this in mind! Classy Women Don't NEED to Comment on Everything! #Maturity #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Inspiration

    words to live by

    Life is too Short. Quote about forgiveness and not holding grudges from #love #quotes #forgive

    Words to live by.

    As you breathe right now, another person takes their last, so stop complaining and learn to live your life with what you have.

    Do more then just live


    Words to live by

    oh. snap. yes.

    What a way to live

    "Be #happy for no #reason #like a #child. If #you are happy for a reason, you're in #trouble, because that reason can be #taken from you"

    I can count on one hand of people like this in my life.

    don't live there.

    One reason why people have affairs is the need for attention. It often indicates deep insecurity and a constant need for attention. #Cheating #CheatingRelationships #Homewrecker #picturequotes View more #quotes on

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    Our words exactly the moment we reconnected. A new beginning, a better understanding on how to love each other the way we should have all those years ago but our youth clouded our judgement. You live and learn and if you are really get that chance to make it right again. Blessed. Yes, yes !!