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Oceán Ocean,Sea

Isabel loves the ocean. She loves to swim, watch the waves, and take pictures of the ocean. She loves to see beautiful views.

CRAYON PROJECT MEDIA- crest and couture - collection no. 09 by

Big puffy white clouds, turquoise waters, and glorious sun rays shining down on it all. Perfection! Tides are bulges of water caused by the gravity of Sun and Moon as they pull on the Earth. There are 6 hours between high tide and low tide.

Tide Pool Art for Kids

Tide Pool Art Project using real sand! (Perfect for an ocean or sea life unit and is adaptable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and up!) ~

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Have you heard of The Washed Ashore Project? Environmental activists in Bandon, Oregon are gathering up trash that washes onto Pacific beaches and are using it create large-scale educational art about the sea life that is threatened by trash in the Ocean.