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  • Debbie Castro

    Kissing Potion rolling lipgloss 80s. From Walgreens

  • Cynthia Carroll

    Remember this? "Kissing Potion" was the favorite lip gloss of teen girls!! mine was - Bubble Gum!!

  • Mindy Fischer

    Kissing Potion... Brings back childhood memories!


    Kissing Potion lip glosses. Wore the strawberry one (my favorite) in high school early 80's

  • Sue-Ellen Briggs

    Kissing Potion. Super High Gloss lip gloss, was a middle School must have.

  • Karin Anderson

    1970s flavored lipgloss | KISSING POTION ROLL-ON LIP GLOSS! Yup had it. Loved the bubble gum strawberry flavored 1s.

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Kissing Potion lip gloss! Recognize the girl? She's from Valley Girl, one of my favorite 80's movies with Nicolas Cage.

Kissing Potion I had these... forgot all about them til I saw them on someone else's board!

1990s Amurol Ouch! Bubble Gum tin by daniel85r, via Flickr

OMG, who remembers Kissing Potion by Maybelline? I used to have every flavor when I was in jr high school.

Vintage Ad for Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, 1979 In the 1970s, the Bonne Bell brand was the teenage girl's Clinique.

Second only to Kissing Koolers is Kissing Potion. I can't pinpoint a year, but it seems to me I had these anywhere from 5th grade to 9th grade (1987-1991?) and maybe the whole stretch in between. Bubble gum flavor. I distinctly remember the flavor, and I also distinctly remember that these lip glosses would always get a gritty feeling to them as you neared the end of the bottle. Good times!

Gold Rush bubble gum. I loved this stuff.

Remember when we went to the Dr's they gave us a piece of Double Bubble at the end of the visit!

Kissing Potion- loved this stuff as a little girl! Gave you that "just ate a fried porkchop" look. Sex-ay!

Lip smackers, I don't want to brag but I had so many of these! My lips were just waiting for the perfect kiss and when he got it I tasted just like watermelon.....lucky boy!

Kissing Potions! I have just dated myself...and when I saw the pic I could 'smell' the flavors in my mind!