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Here are some men who are giving a little glimpse into how the 70's would look for some men. Being so formal was no longer how men wanted to be, they are now starting to rebel against old ways.

25 Outrageous Fashion Ads From The 1970s - People really dressed like this and thought it was cool!!! LOL!!!

I may be looking at a revolution, but I'm tasting my breakfast as it slowly creeps up my throat.

1970s orange! - this is the color of orange i wanted for my orange ice skates I wished for from Santa several times..LOL

25 Outrageous Fashion Ads From The 1970s--and CHECK OUT THE SHOES! They're MEN'S!

Outrageous mens Fashion Ads From The 1970s butterfly collar

I know you have, like I have, always wondered WHERE IN THE WORLD DID PEOPLE GET THESE CLOTHES??!!?

Some things will never change: sex will always sell.

fannies (obviously an American ad! I mean, it's still true either way, but much more vulgar with the British use of the word!)

Oh my gawd! I had these very pants in the 4th grade! I was a Fashion Plate! :)

Yes, flaunt that rare male camel toe and the rank odor that emanates from your groin area because you're working up a sweat while wearing pants made from a fabric that doesn't naturally breathe. The ladies will love the aphrodisiacal aroma of your crotch funk.

The Sexiest Goddamn Socks Ad Ever From 1922. Plus, the least sexy socks ad ever, from the same company, 50 years later.