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The First Woman To Run For President — In 1872

Victoria Claflin Woodhull the first woman to run for President in 1872, a time when most women did not even have the right to vote.

In 1925, the National Geographic Society didn't admit women, so Harriet Chalmers Adams, adventurer and female badass, founded the Society of Woman Geographers. She was regarded as the foremost woman explorer of her time, traveling to Latin American, eventually writing about her travels for National Geographic magazine. She proved that women had the same moxie, the same adventurous spirit, and the same fortitude to see the world as any man!

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - In 1848, they and Lucretia Mott held the first convention in the US to work toward women’s suffrage. 72 years later, in 1920, the 19th amendment became law and women finally got the right to vote. Sadly, these visionaries did not live to see that happen. Thank you, ladies, and all the countless others you trained to follow in your footsteps.

Clara Barton (1821-1912), the founder and first president of the American Red Cross, acquired her broad skill set of urgent medical care, long-term care for invalids, locating and reuniting lost family members and soldiers, etc. through “on-the-job training” during some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Prior to the war, she was a schoolteacher with no medical background.

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The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

Đòi quyền bình đẳng cho phụ nữ cũng là một sự kiến lớn trong thập kỷ này. Nó giúp người phụ nữ đấu tranh cho mình, sự kiện này cũng gây ảnh hưởng lớn cho thời trang lúc bấy giờ

Sophia B. Packard and Harriet E. Giles founded the first college for black women in the United States in 1881. The school was named Spelman College after Laura Celestia Spelman Rockefeller, the wife of John D. Rockefeller, who made a sizeable donation to the school.

Fawzia Koofi - the first female to run for President of Afghanistan. She was abandoned as a child because she's a female, and has had several attempts on her life by Taliban forces. She's still running for office.

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The Holocaust, The Mother & ‘The Demon’

Holocaust survivor Flora "Florence" Klein, with her little boy, Chaim (AKA Gene Simmons). Israel, ca. 1950

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