I don't care how 19th century it is, I totally want a huge library with a ladder in my house. And I will send it hurtling from one end to the other while I hang off of it with one hand and sing "Sempre Libera."

Brook Astor's Library // Mita Corsini Bland

more books!!!!

Library :)


Home Library




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// Love this library!

I want a book case that requires a ladder - to add to that comment, i want a wall/room that i can have that many books AND the ladder to go with it

Best room in the house. Yes library

I like the idea of one very tall (two story?) wall being used as a library wall by creating a stair and porch to reach the upper shelves on the wall. Great idea! Just needs a seat on top level.


Eclectic living room in shades of aubergine and purple, with matching chaise lounges and a wall of bookshelves.



Library Nook