So need this

Fruit neat! Better then a bowl sitting on the counter!

Leg shaving ledge - I could totally use this in my shower!

Ladies Shaving Ledge, this is a awesome idea

Sunken Shower! :)

Wow...only a woman could have created this!! Impey Wet Room Foot Rest

$15.00 this is the best thing ever. LED light changes color according to water temp.



shower foot rest to shave legs. i need this!

The Total Body Support Pillow - I would sleep so well

Perfect for me.

smart smart smart

Love the open shower, that only half the wall is glass and the top is open! Finally a shower that is not a giant fishbowl

Night out bra. This, my friends, is genius.

What? These are so neat! ikea shoe drawers! - Click image to find more Women's Fashion Pinterest pins

Small bathroom idea.

Umm hello this is genius!!

Solar Shingles, I would love these in my next house!! Along with a solar driveway #noshoving #usethesun

Trash Bags on a Roll. Perfect for garage and utility room.

replacing the fake drawer in front of the kitchen sink with a paper towel holder! I LOVE THIS IDEA!