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    damn right

    And just before the "cage" line... In most stories, had a female character been caught by the lead male swinging a sword around, they would have made her fluster and flee. Instead, Eowyn parries Aragorn's little knife, and gives and gives him ^THAT^ look. The undeniable fierceness, strength, and dedication to her uncle, her brother, and her people in that one look. Eowyn doesn't get nearly enough credit for who she is prior to her encounter with the Witch King.

    Joss Whedon on storytelling.

    No power in the 'verse. #browncoats #firefly #serenity #whedonverse

    Joss Whedon, writer and director of The Avengers, creator of the Buffy The Vampire TV series. I seriously love this man

    Buffy looks like she's gonna take that axe to Bella's head. I wouldn't mind.

    Don't touch girls forged from fire. Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Buffy, Daenerys Targaryen, Elizabeth Swan, Black Widow

    I love Joss.

    Joss haha!

    Superhero Black Widow Print Marvel Watercolor Art by VIVIDEDITIONS

    Joss Whedon

    We're better. Whedon said it, so it must be true.


    "That's beautiful... or taken literally, incredibly gross."

    Women of the Whedonverse - I've only got four :S Black Widow, Buffy, Zoe Washburn and River Tam...

    "Yeah, I don't understand." "But it's so cute that you're trying." Topher Brink and Paul Ballard from Joss Whedon's TV show on FOX, Dollhouse.

    The one where Rhodey and Sam go way back: | 17 Perfect Marvel Headcanons That Will Give You All The Feels

    I do what I want! by *pocket-picasso

    Dr. Horrible

    black widow/♔ AvengerStyle 2

    Joss Whedon this is why i love you! rule ruler rule!!!