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Once you've ended your rainy day commute, this umbrella won't soak the floor where it rests-- it folds into itself and creates a bag which carries the rain water that once covered it. Description from I searched for this on

"If you have good thoughts, they will SHINE out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" hello sunshine! I'm on my journey to greatness and it just feels so good. (Obviously leahelizabeth is in such a swell mood tonight)

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How to Have a Picnic in the Rain

How to Have a Picnic in the Rain [click photo] as crazy as it sounds, I would actually love to do this with someone, but don't know anyone else that crazy! w.

from Hazel Daze

Handmade Thai Cloth Umbrella

Perfect for a rainy day or when you just want to block out the sun, this beautiful umbrella is handmade in Thailand. Recommended by dermatologists everywhere.

When your life is made of dreams and your dreams are made of beautiful things like this...than what?

Rain - the smell, the feeling of a rainy day curled up reading a good book or watching a good movie - Is to be savored!!

When the rain shines we'll shine together. Told you I'd be here forever. Said I'd always be your friend....took an oath, imma stick it to the end