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They have some super cute styles for little girls. I want to try out the waterfall braid on Cam. It's cute.

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Lace braided updo--simple and perfect for summer! :: Milkmaid Hairstyle:: Braided Updo:: Summer Hair:: Braided Updo

I love the idea of doing this to my hair, but I have two problems: 1, what the heck do you do in step 5? Seriously, what? and 2, I really don't understand how to work bobby pins. This is why I'm afraid that I'll show up to my friend's wedding with my hair in a ponytail because I don't know what else I can do with it.

  • caro

    What exactly was the point on curling it ??

  • Carmella Allen

    More volume.

  • Shelley Stark

    Step 5 is extremely ambiguous, but i believe the intent is to crisscross the two side braids, the bring the center one up, tucking under the ends of all three as you pin them. Then in 6,7, & 8, you take the top two side braids and strategically wrap them around your bottom base to create a thick, interesting bun. These pics are worthless, but the end result is pretty.

Cute hairstyle

Waterfall braid for thin hair :)

Hair Today: I don't know what to call we'll go go with criss-cross braid on top.

Cascading french braid - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

Waterfall braid. Thanks - you patient & fine fingered friends for passing this on. I'll have a go as it looks beautiful. Can't imagine how it might turn out on my daughter's hair! Good job she lets me experiment. (I can't promise to show the end result ....) # Pin++ for Pinterest #

looks like half a french braid all the way around (limited hair); ponytail into a french w/ remaining hair; tuck in. gotta try this!

  • Ashley Pratt-Blahay

    Nope. Actually lace partial swirl with ponytail in middle with some remaining hair around it, then a switch to French pulling the remaining hair from around the ponytail and the hair from in it.

  • Bmhylandxoxo

    Aint nobody got time fo dat

  • Maxi Sell