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Decisions decisions

Solution: double slap - one for each side to make sure you get the side needing to be slapped-up!

HAHAHA!!!! Truer words have never been spoken!!

wrap it in latex or she's gonna get your paychecks bahahaha

Soooo, me :)

I clean when I'm frustrated. So, if you show up unannounced & our house is clean. You might want to reconsider your visit especially if it is my daughter doing the cleaning.

Now if this was true...you would have it too...lmao. Thanks for sharing him..lmao. Your attempted  insults are so lame...lmao. Even the pork one..that one was just stupid..lmao. I do love the laughs...and oh btw...you keep saying your a bitch. .but you sound more like a high school girl who can't handle adult life...princess. .lmao ..don't fuck with the queen....lmao

Funny Breakup Ecard: Sometimes I wonder what she has that I dont. And then I realize, probably herpes.

Oh you will be licking it soon! LIARS! Case Closed! LOL


Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Those who stir the shit pot should have to lick the spoon!

Un-Inspirational Sayings...

shoot pack lunch dinner breakfast for the next day because its going to take a long while funny ecard


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"Do you think I am that stupid?" " I really have not known you that long!

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I feel this way many days.almost 7 billion people on the planet and i can only tolerate around 10 at the most

soo true once you take off your bra you know your settled where you are

Its true Clear jars are a collectors best friend. So true! In Memory of My Best Friend Breast Cancer Heart Tee true

Glad I'm not the only one! I really don't mean to forget it right away :/

remembering names - I hate to admit that this is me, but I rarely forget a face or where we met.

Well, I'm really not sorry! But, I am glad you figured it out,  snd see things the way we do!

Ecard: I'm sorry your relationship with the psycho everyone warned you about…

Hee hee

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