Creeping Phlox ... a hardy low spreading perennial. Great for planting at the 'feet' of clematis (they like to have protection from the heat and cold at their roots, helps hold moisture as well). Also great for those hard to fill areas that just need 'something' to complete your landscape or under taller plantings that allow the sun to shine through. A must for any rock garden as well. They come in many exciting vibrant colors. Plant in Spring or Fall as bedding plants. Enjoy!

Creeping Phlox: A spreading, mossy evergreen perennial, blooming extravagantly in spring. This variety tolerates sun well, remaining green throughout the summer and fall.

Daylilies and hostas! two hard to kill or in other words, easy to grow plants that make this bed look marvelous! And both plants multiply, too!

Creeping Phlox

Angelonia -It's easy to grow and flowers profusely, great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

Moss Verbena may end up being your favorite groundcover. It grows between 6 to 12 inches tall, but has a spreading capability of up to 5 feet. It's easy to grow, is drought and heat tolerant, attracts butterflies and comes in blue, purple and white flowers.

Delosperma Hardy Ice Plant Perennial Vigorous ground cover, even in the driest of soils, versatile and vibrant! The fleshy, drought tolerant creeping stems of these hardy Ice Plants make ideal ground cover on sunny banks and poor stony soils. The showy daisy-like flowers create a carpet of intense colour, in exclusive new shades that will stop you in your tracks. Fantastic for those hot, dry problem areas where many other plants would fail to establish. Height: 10cm (4"). Spread: 60cm (24")

Rock Edging Mix and match rock shapes and colors for a natural edge. Gathered by family and friends near and far, these large multicolor rocks complement the garden's informal style. Positioned in a winding pattern, the round boulders allow alyssum to creep over and between the rocks, creating a lacy, scalloped look.

My Favorite Shady Ground Cover -- If you have a shady or partial shady spot, and you want to fill it in quickly (within 8 weeks), then you will like Lamium Beacon Silver or "dead nettle." Don't buy flats...find someone who has it (me!) and take cuttings. You can just stick a stem or even part of a leaf in the ground, and it takes root and fills in rapidly! It flowers from April to October...I love my patches of it!

A colander for your Tubtrug. What a great idea! Rinse vegetables right in the garden. (Tubtrug sold separately.)

Lavender. Perennial. Early summer. 1-3' tall. Every part of the plant is infused with aromatic oil, making this a choice herb to place along pathways or near outdoor seating areas so you can savor the fragrance. Raised beds can enhance drainage; surrounding plants with a gravel mulch can help increase heat around roots. After flowering, shear plants to induce bushiness and subsequent bloom.

Wire frame around tree is invisible and creates a great trellis effect withe the purple clematis . . .

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Phlox and rocks. <3 this look.. I wanted to do this around my Maple tree in TN.

Creeping Jenny comes back every year and keeps out the weeds. I love it in my flowerbeds, spreads. Great contrast color to plants and flowers. Great Gardens & Ideas

25 High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas!!

Chamomile groundcover forms a soft textured evergreen mat of aromatic leaves in bright, light green. Stems root as they spread, forming a solid cover. Small yellow flowers appear in summer.

Landscape and Garden Sprinkler System to help go green

Soapwort - Saponaria officinalis A cinch to grow. Features clusters of phlox-like pink, purple, or white flowers in summer and fall. Full sun and well-drained soil. To 2 feet tall and wide. Grow with Yarrow; both are low-care, sun-loving perennials. Zones 3-9