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    • Amy Hollis

      This is so true, I thought I was the only one that did this... sometimes I feel recharged after a good cry

    • .Lluvia_Drennan. .

      My grandma always said: " whenever you feel like crying , cry your eyes out! No matter is there's no reason, no matter who is looking, you will feel much better after! "

    • Jaclyn Wright

      It gives you a chance to let go, and let everything out. You feel so much better afterwards. Don't be afraid to cry.

    • Sunshine Sandy

      Gratitude for a good cry. Crying is a cleansing for our soul whether it is caused from hurt feelings, losses, sadness,pain, love, joy or happiness. 2.11.15

    • vampire chidl .

      The truth is sometime you just need to cry about everything. you start crying because you miss someone or because someone was bullying you, but then everything cruel about your life comes crashing down in your mind like a plane and then you realize there are many more reasons to cry then why you're crying in the first place. but that's okay because sometimes you just need to get it all out or else it will stay there forever.

    • Mariah Roth

      I'm completely happy with my life yet this is true. I don't understand it..must be a girl thing

    • DeAnn Whitney

      This is so true. I cry more than I ever thought I would. Guess a broken heart does that to you.

    • Sharron A. G. Langford

      sometimes you need a good cry love quotes life quotes quotes quote sad cry sad quotes

    • Gwen Shoniker

      This is so true. #quotes #sayings #inspirational

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