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Amen, in Jesus name I accept my blessings of desires in abundance of immeasurable proportion, I accept salvation by confessing with my mouth that you my Lord Jesus, King of kings are my Lord and Savior, my God, because of you father everything I speak comes to fruition commanded by the Holy Ghost, through the everlasting love of Jesus Christ, embraced in Gods mercy and grace. Amen... Lisa Christiansen, child of the one true king ΙΧΘΥΣ

Sometimes animals can be more civilized than people<<< because some animals are more clever than humans give them credit for and that needs to be realized instead of suppressed

carverly: “ mikkeneko: “ floatslikebricks: “ I want Dorian to have hoards of undead familiars, because, honestly, why not. ” he’s like a disney princess except all the woodland animals are dead ” @jack-the-giantkiller @anabundanceofstilinskis ”

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Fennec Foxes, Fennec Fox Pictures, Fennec Fox Facts

Fennec Fox because I had one, so sweet and soooo pretty they are

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Purple Parrots - Very Rare To See

These birds are rare because they don't actually exist. Check all your bird books. This macaw is actually a bright blue with a bright yellow front. This picture has been altered.

Click through the large version for a full-screen view on a black background (set your computer for full-screen mode). ~ Miks' Pics "Animals V" board @

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Damn straight! Please repin to raise awareness to protect innocent dogs from being forced to fight for our entertainment!

To know that such magnificent animals are disappearing from this earth at an increasingly alarming rate breaks my heart…..almost all because humans don't care.

Recordings of white tigers were first made in the early 19th century. White tigers are not more endangered than tigers are generally, this being a common misconception. Another misconception is that white tigers are albinos, despite the fact that pigment is evident in the white tiger's stripes. They are distinct not only because of their white hue; they also have blue eyes.

I repinned this because it literally made me say, out loud "Well, that was just too cute." when I got to the last picture.

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The Albino animals are very rare in nature and the man since ancient times has been fascinated by them. In some cultures they are considered sacred and based on their nature some of the greatest legends and myths were born. Because of their uniqueness, albino animals today are the biggest attraction in the zoo’s and

This quote is true for both humans and people,but more so for wolves. The reason why is because some people think wolves are killers and monsters. When in restructure protective, alert,kind and overall brave. But some people WANT them to be monsters. They want people to think that there monsters so when they come home with a dead wolf and mount it on there wall people will be proud. When in reality there living breathing things. Not a prize to hang on your wall

Cool fantasy dolls by Santani, a 23-year-old women from Moscow. I assume this post is real because there are so many examples, but if anyone knows differently, let me know.