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Fluent in pop culture and sarcasms, eccentric smartass, undecided but crafty, drama queen, loves everything beautiful, almost perfect, somehow jaded, deeply ironic, moody as hell! I’m a blogger and fashion enthusiast based in Bucharest, Romania! I have...

Here's to girls who love someone who doesn't love them back. The hopeless romantics and the daydreamers. The girls who fall and get hurt, but still stand up smiling. The girls who don't catch everyone's attention at first. Here's to the girls that will...

Drew) ((open rp)) *walks through the forest with Beth & Liam.* so we're seriously gonna do this? *Liam nods*. Liam) we have to... *they all stare at the lake*. Beth) okay... Let's do this... *holds Drew & Liam's hand*. Liam) Drew) *voice cracks*

Digital Scrapbooking with Layered Templates

Al concluir este taller pude darme cuanta de lo importante que es nuestra familia en nuestro interior, ya que estamos sumamente relacionado y nos afecta o ayuda en ciertas situaciones de nuestra vida.