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  • Shawna Bornman

    palestrina stitch | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

  • Macarena Uriarte

    Palestrina Stitch tutorial. AKA double knot stitch, tied coral stitch, old english knot stitch, smyrna stitch, twilling stitch, pearl stitch. This stitch is usually used for outlining or bordering purposes. Any type of fabric and thread can be used to do this stitch, but the perle cotton thread will give the best knotted effect. There are 2 variations of palestrina stitch: The long armed palestrina stitch and the long legged palestrina stitch.

  • Mary Gleghorn

    Palestrina_ stitch _tutorial for embroidery stitches

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palestrina stitch also known as: double knot stitch, tied coral stitch, old english knot stitch, smyrna stitch, twilling stitch

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Joining two pieces of fabric with Palestrina stitch. Would probably make the coolest biscornu!

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of texture and sparkle to your needlework, how about a bit of bead embroidery? There are many hand embroidery stitches that can be used in conjunction with beads, to create textured lines or fillings. One of my favorites is the Palestrina stitch. The Palestrina stitch is already a textured stitch, as it forms a string of nice, fat knots along the line of stitching. It’s a magnificent stitch for creating a textured line, and once you get the rhythm of the

This is the basic and simplest of the chain stitch family. It gives a chain like appearance or, like petals lined up one after the other.

Stitching // omg Julia this was the final push to inspire me to start embroidering, tooooooo. Going to the craft store tomorrow.

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Palestrina stitch (aka double knot stitch, German knot stitch, old English knot stitch, pearl stitch, smyrna stitch, tied coral stitch and twilling stitch) from Janet's Stitch School

Embroidery Stitches, she teaches you how to do everyone of these in their basic form, then tells you how to do the variations.

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