palestrina stitch 2

Knotted Chain Stitch or Braid Stitch Variation

mountmellick; entre galon d'Elliant et Palestrina ..


#Embroidery_Tutorial "Pekinese Stitch. This is a really simple embroidery stitch that starts with a row of simple back stitches. With a blunt needle, the yarn is then looped through the stitches. This can be done on fabric, of course, but is also Beautiful on Knitted or Crocheted pieces." ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Tutorial: Chevron Blanket Stitch

Stitch School - lots of embroidery stitch tutorials.

Pontos de bordar


Palestrina stitch (aka double knot stitch, German knot stitch, old English knot stitch, pearl stitch, smyrna stitch, tied coral stitch and twilling stitch) from Janet's Stitch School


Love this stitch

Beaded Palestrina Stitch



List of stitches, has some I haven't seen before. This one is detached blanket stitch. Glossary of Embroidery Stitches

Stitch by stitch

Embroidery stitch


Bullion knot stitch