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In This Storyboard , The Babies are Very Excited About Kate's Date!

A Storyboard From “The Date” Scene from The Pilot Episode of Bad Date Kate Kate waiting for her Date with the Babies, Rascal, Roxy and Sammy. Go Support Our Indiegogo Campaign for Our Animated Series Bad Date Kate\ #baddatekate#dating#romance#babies#pugs#chihuahua#dogs#date#animatedseries#comedy#funny#animation#storyboard#artists on tumblr

A Storyboard By Jesus Colon and Joe Matamales From The Date Scene in The Animated Series Bad Date Kate. What Happened Here???

Kate’s Home is a Small Bungalow Nestled in A Canyon. Her Home is Very Special to her, it’s the Home her Mom Astrid grew up in. She’s Completely Renovated it and made it her own. You’ll see once we get in Pre Production! My Background Designers Brad Smith II and David Dimatteo are ready to get to Work Creating Kate’s Beautiful Interior!

Here’s a Storyboard from Bad Date Kate. What’s a Storyboard? ** A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. Yep! And that Magic is what Jesus Colon and Gable Marynell have worked on in Kate’s Date Scene

Kate and Billy's Break Up AnimaticIn this Animatic you can see Kate's Break Up with Billy before Animation. By Kate's Demeanor and the Expressions on her Face you can see this is the end, and Billy, well, he's not really getting it. Oh, But he will! This is where the Journey Begins!! **Storyboards and Animatic Created by Bad Date Kate Storyboard Artist Andre Smith

A Storyboard Used in Bad Date Kate’s Animated Teaser by 3D Modeler and Texture Artist Demarrio Ware

Kate waiting on Her Date Storyboard from the Animated Series Bad Date Kate Pilot Episode Go Support Our Indiegogo Campaign for Our Animated Series Bad Date Kate