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King Kong You have wall space in your home movie theater? Check out this 3sheet movie poster www.movieposter.c...

One of Toho's King Kong movies...I don't remember much except it being very weird. This is when Toho's monsters started getting goofy, so that sounds right. I guess the other part is because it was missing Toho's biggest monster and that left me kind of disappointed.

King Kong Variant poster by Laurent Durieux, via Flickr

King Kong Escapes (1967) The best one!! My brother and I watched these Godzilla movies, which were actually dubbed in English.

Gorosaurus from King Kong Escapes

Miniature FX on the set of King Kong

The best of Willis O'Brien. KING KONG (Cooper & Shoedsack)

Wow! What a poster! Would love to own this one. :) This is happy! Mondo: The Archive | Laurent Durieux - King Kong - Variant, 2012