Pet bed

Repurposed Jeans cat bed


dog bed/kid's floor pillow

DIY Pet Pillow Bench DIY Projects

Upcycled jeans into aprons

Pieced Pet Pillows by Indygo Junction | Sewing Pattern - Looking for a sewing pattern for your next project? Look no further than Pieced Pet Pillows from Indygo Junction! - via @Craftsy

Turn your old jeans into this comfy Pillow for your pet. It's easy ! check it and also get 20+ Fantastic Pet Bed tutorials . --> #diy #pet

DIY doggy bed. All you need is an old sweatshirt and a pillow or something to stuff in. My dog is in love with his new bed.

Denim Bag

Upcycled Denim Belts Organizer

Lucky Dog! Use an old sofa cushion to make your dog a bed. How a fleece lined tablecloth under the top piece so if doggie has an accident it wont soak into the cushion and of couse velco the back so you can wash the cover

DIY Pet Beds...

Great way to re-use denim.

Jeans Recycling

Repurposed jeans into pet bed

Lets Do it! Amazing DIY Pet Projects :D Sweatshirt Pet Bed it is so easy and so awesome !

Pet craft ideas!!!

denim slippers

Pet Bed - Upcycled Winter Sweater. Cute. :-) A "hug" for your pet!