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    Ninja turtles artist

    This is what it would look like if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were designed by their Renaissance counter parts.

    When I teach the Renaissance, I shall introduce all 700 kiddos to the TMNT.

    101 Art Jokes.

    Completely Kindergarten: Ocean Unit - This site has LOTS of awesome ideas!!

    Texting an artist!

    Turtle Art

    Artist worksheet

    Fun with foam

    would change the rules a little but love the ARTISTS idea

    Free Resource! What is an effective way to get your students thinking at a deeper level? Let me share what works well for my students! Free Resource for your classroom! Rachel Lynette has my idea posted on her blog! 1. Lesson Plans for any book (2 pages) 2. List of Character Traits for student notebooks (2 pages) 3. Possible Themes poster or printable 4. Evidence Web 5. Critique Questions (2 pages) 6. Reasoning Web 7. Example questions 8. Book Response Reasoning Printable ROCKIN RESOURCES

    Facebook Artists

    Teaching Today: Middle School Management

    In today’s video, I’ll share the straightforward clean-up routine that has helped keep my kids on track each time they come to art.


    How to Do a Visual Analysis (A Five-Step Process)

    Facebook for Artists

    Art room door decor "Today's artist are tomorrows..." Eldon South Elementary

    I Am an Artist

    NGA artist study

    3 pages of classroom bin labels