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from Lauren Conrad

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Motorbike Gallery: Actually they like dark colors. So whoever is wearing the darker clothes will get the most bites. This sign is true only because the blue is darker than the other colors on the sign. "Mosquitoes love the color blue...from Science World"

Teehee. I just think of we were to actually have the clothes houses and whatever else. We'd have to be at minimal neighbors so we could steal eachothers shit all the time. 'Oh hey @Amy Bell Kwallek just here to steal that belt from last weeks pin'

from Etsy

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It's early but I can already tell it's going to be another one of those mornings where I'm not rich and famous joke

The answer to the problem is to keep them in your refrigerator. They'll be warm enough to chew without breaking your teeth and they'll be cold enough so that none of the chocolate melts and sticks onto the paper.

I, on the other hand, will love you forever. I hate people who say "Can I have a booth." I want to punch them in the face right there and say "Go to McDonald's and sit in one of THEIR booths! This server hasn't had a table ALL DAY!!!"