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amelia zadro)) I'm Belle. Technically that means beautiful in French. I'm from France actually. We moved her a few years ago, I still have trouble remembering to speak English. So sorry I burst out in French. I'm 19 and a caste 2. I'm a dancer and a gymnast. Ballet is my favorite form of dance but I'm better at gymnastics.

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Fc:Amelia Zadro) French accent|| Hello… I'm Rain Amelia Grace, but please, call me Amelia. I'm 16 and I enjoy reading, dancing anytime I can, and practicing till me limbs give out. I've been told by former teachers I am gifted, but they were all Russian and french ballet teachers, my specialty. Anyways, please, Come say Hi, I just got here and would love some new friends. *smiles and blushes before looking down*