• Hayley Stroik

    If I had to pick one book series that defined my childhood, it would be Harry Potter. My grandmother bought me the first book, and my mom read it to me. I am not over-exaggerating when I say that Harry Potter was my childhood. I grew up with him, and I will read these books to my children.

  • P a i g e

    My childhood would not have been complete without imagination and the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Isn't the point of childhood, trips to far away places? Dwelling in our creative imaginations? Believing in heros?

  • Leah Larson

    Thank you for my childhood and the rest of my life!

  • Kate Voelkner

    My childhood is that much more memorable thanks to the Harry Potter series. It was always so exciting waiting for the next book or movie to come out! :)

  • Claire Maguire

    Harry Potter movies

  • Katelyn Conley

    Thank you, Harry, for being my escape from the real world, for the courage you gave me, for the memories of staying up way past lights out to read just one more chapter, for bringing happiness to everyone who knows the stories, for making my life a lot more magical, for giving me memories of Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione, and most of all making me believe.⚡️

  • Nicole Sharga

    Harry Potter was everything to me. Maybe it was just a series to everyone but to me, It was everything. This was a big part of my life and it helped me get through all the hardships I have ever faced. This will forever live in my heart and one day my kids will know of Harry Potter. <3

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