Hollywood costume designer and fashion designer. Usually simply known as "Adrian", he designed costumes for 250 films including Chicago (1927), Anna Christie (1930), The Women, (1930), The Wizard of Oz (1939), and Philadelphia Story (1940). mg

Adrian Costume Designer the Women | Rosalind Russell wears an Adrian design for "The Women", 1939 | Flickr ...

Before you can sew a dress, you must sketch it! Attending a fashion institute will teach you about technical sketching for fashion design and more. fidm.edu/en/Majors/Fashion+Design/ mg

The fashion design portfolio of FIDM Fashion College student Lee Dahye explores the idea of a hexagon twist. fidm.edu/en/Majors/Fashion+Design/ mg

Dress Design by Adrian. Textile Design by Salvador Dali, 1947.

My very good friend Lubica, one of Jamaicas top fashion designers mg