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You know those things like this that are about bands ending...i never cry at those things really, maybe a tear or almost a tear but nothing like how i cried while reading is my life and one true passion and i would go crazy without it. Even through all of the pain, we just started conditioning and a day after that i was really sore but i just smiled because i am sore because i was doing something that i love. thats how you know that you truly love something ❤️

OKAY THIS LEGIT HAPPENED IN MATH CLASS LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO. So my math teacher was like "if Jane goes in One Direction..." AND LITERALLY EVERYONE IN MY MATH CLASS LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE "NO, DONT YOU DARE, AND ECT." It was literally the best thing that happened to me ~Becca

His smile though... like he is so satisfied with himself XD I love it!!>> I think this is from a "The Young Blood Chronicles" comment video, and I believe Patrick goes insane and chases them

THIS REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF THE FANFIC I'M WRITING RIGHT NOW THAT'S LIKE AN EPILOGUE TYPE THING WHERE LEO GOES BACK TO CAMP AND ITS JUST AMAZING ... although the fanfiction itself probably isn't very good, and I need to find a way to get myself more interested in this because I love writing but I always get really bored for some reason- CS

I didn't really like the 12 doctor much not because of his age or look just because I did not see his loveable side but then when I saw this I was like I love you you will never be Matt smith but you are ok let's see how this goes

Nowt this is not an odd compliment. I love the little things he does like laugh in that weird kind of way anf and randomly smile then snuggle up to me when we're walking or when we hold hands when we're praying before we eat and during church service prayers. I love the way he roars when I call him my bear and the list goes on.......