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April Cheerflip, an artist with the crazist personality. She's 20 and loves sweets. She loves exploring and loves everyone- no matter what they do to her.


Chica emo con el pelo negro y azul - I still love this. :/ But I betcha didn't know that emo/scene kid & hippie type charicteristics are very closely related.

I like the idea of doing one section a funky color

She has ferret DNA. She is quiet and shy. She is can get scared easily and she is weaker then most she has a bad past with most which cause her to have trust issues.

Straight black hair.

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I love her haircut. Side swept bangs long hair but short top layers. <-- Best description of scene hair I've ever come across.


awesome Nice turqoise and blue. Maybe just a little bit stronger difference in the two c.

evelyn eclipse - Google Search

Hey im Chloe Eclipse. Im 18 and like to dye my hair. Im a rebel yet a little fun. I love FOB, candy and watermelon.