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A MASSIVE FABERGE SILVER KOVSH St. Petersburg, 1899-1908. The body overall decorated with strapwork and scrolling foliage and rope edged rim. The ogee arch-form handle decorated with rope border, strapwork and set with the double-headed Imperial Russian eagle. Marked "K. Faberge" in Cyrillic under the Imperial Warrant, 84 standard, St. Petersburg circa 1899-1908, scratched inventory number 9728 and stamped with the workmasters initials in Latin J.W. Sold for $68,000

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The Nine Imperial Eggs

Russian imperial easter egg by fabrege

Russian Czar Alexander III commissioned Faberge to design and construct the first of dozens of eggs in 1885 as an Easter gift for his wife, Maria.

Tercentenary of Romanoff's House Egg, 1913. Presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. Vari-colored gold, silver, steel, portrait diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, turquoise, rock crystal, purpurine, ivory. Kept in Kremlin Armoury Museum, Moscow.

Fabergé firm (Russian , 20th century) Henrik Wigström (Russian , 1862 - 1923) Imperial Czarevich Easter Egg 1912 Lapis lazuli, gold, diamonds, platinum or silver

The 'Romanov Tercentenary' Faberge Egg ~ made in 1913 for Tzar Nicholas II as a present to his wife. The egg celebrates the three hundred years of Romanov rule ~ from 1613 to 1913. The outside of the egg contains eighteen portraits of the Romanov Tsars of Russia. Each portrait is bordered by rose-cut diamonds.

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Faberge Egg

Fabergé Peacock Egg - 1908: given by Nicholas II to his mother Maria Fyodorovna

FABERGÉ CLOCK EGGS:. 1906 - Uspensky Cathedral Egg - aka the Moscow Kremlin Egg is the largest of the eggs. ~ To See Some Wonderful Short Videos of These Eggs go to: - Once there, select your language - You Will See Them as if You Were Viewing Them in Person!! - All Sides - Superb Views!

1909 Standart Yacht Egg, 1909. Presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. Gold, diamonds, pearls, lapis lazuli, crystal. Kept in Kremlin Armoury Museum, Moscow.

The Winter Egg ---- considered by experts to be the most beautiful of all of the Faberge Eggs. Nicholas II had this made for 1913. The "surprise" inside is a basket of flowers to represent Spring.