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Need an idea to end the day? The End of the Day Jar has 24 questions to ask students to get them talking about their school day. This helps build community in the classroom. You can call on students to answer the questions or have them talk with a buddy.

5 essential questions teachers should ask students every day for inquiry based learning!

Love this for question of the day - Use to take attendance, as well as to collect, chart, graph, and analyze information. Students can record answers daily in a math notebook.

*FREE* Question Words Flashcards (Includes When, What Where, When, Why, Which, How, How Many, How Much, How old, How often)

Nice freebie to send home with students to help parents with what kinds of questions to ask during or after reading.

Are your students forgetting your routines or asking a zillion questions? Mine were! Until I tried this... Question Board! Classroom management for too many questions (Free- consider it a gift from my sanity to yours ;) )

Reading Strategies -questions to ask yourself

This poster shows the steps of how to solve a constructed response questions. It reminds students to RAPP by asking the questions below:Restate ...

Thick & Thin questions: great strategy for teaching students that have difficulty with answering questions!

FREE Would You Rather Questions for the End of the Year and Summer