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    • Amanda Craig

      Ice cream cupcakes. Put cake batter in a ice cream cone, bake them in cupcake pans... then frost them after they have baked and cooled. :)

    • Sabina 🍼

      these are adorable.. and so easy to make.... put cake batter in a ice cream cone, bake them in cupcake pans... then frost them after they have baked and cooled. :) #cupcake #icecream


      Ice cream cone cupcakes are a perfect birthday treat - and a lot less messy than the regular ones!

    • Juli Juabsamai

      Ice Cream Cupcake Cones

    • Gertrude Friesen

      these are adorable.. and so easy to put cake batter in a ice cream cone, bake them in cupcake then frost them after they have baked and cooled. #Summer Party

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    How do you layer texture in your summer salad?............................................................................ In summer, salad is often the main event, so try adding something crisp, something juicy, something rich and something unexpected to the bowl and then top with your preferred dressing. The New York Times suggests: (a) Blanched green beans + watermelon + feta + pistachios or (b) Arugula + nectarine + avocado or mozzarella + dukkah or sesame seeds. What’s your favorite?

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    Looking for Baby Shower ideas? What about Rubber Ducky Punch? Made with Blue Hawaiian Punch, Vanilla ice cream and sprite or 7-up. It's the bubbles in the soda mixing with the ice cream that creates the foam effect. Just don't forget the rubber ducks.

    Have you ever made a princess birthday cake? Just be careful before sticking that dolly in your creation as she may be worth some money. More and more toys from the 80’s are becoming collectable. Your cake could end up being worth more than you thought.

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    Instead of having traditional wedding favors why not have cake pops? These can be decorated to complement the bride and groom

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    “You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” Bob Hope

    Do you have a special occasion coming up? We stock a variety of party and bakery supplies which allow you to cater for events such as weddings, baby showers and lots more.

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