I like the vest idea just because it feels more comfortable and outdoorsy. Not to mention Jackets and dress wear make BRB look like a little kid.

Love the suspenders and matching Converse for the groomsmen!

grooms attire

Groomsmen = white dress shirt (tailored) + graphic tie (maybe something red to tie in their color) + black pants + grey vest & white belt... I'd have the groom with a nice belt buckle so he stands out.

groomsmen but black suits

Great Wedding Photo Idea

Red, Silver, White & Black Wedding Inspirations. Whole page of it! I never thought of doing the mix and match tux. I really like that idea!

I like this idea for the groom/ shirts, red ties/vest

I love the no jacket look, groom has one for ceremony and a slightly different shirt, just perfect.

Red, Black and white wedding.

Fun wedding party portrait with bride and groom in front of stone wall at Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Macungie, PA. Theme color is beautifully coordinated red flowers, black tux and black gown for bridesmaids. Photography by

I love the color scheme. Red, Black and White. Very Classic and romantic plus it isn't hard for a bridesmaid to find a little black dress. chances are that your girls already have one. add a scarf with a deep beautiful red and you have added the pop of color.

I really like the idea of the groom wearing the full suit and the guys wearing matches pants and only shirts and all different ties! For our more casual wedding, this would be perfect!!!

Bridesmaids different dresses, all black chiffon. Groomsmen picked their own black suits (same shirt , tie and pocket square). Coordinated but your wedding party can spend what ever they are comfortable with.

Red, black and white groom's attire. Keywords: #redblack #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:

Tux possibility. Black vest, red tie & pocket square.... My hubby would look sexy in this tux :)

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Black Tux with Red Vest and Tie for Groom

Groomsmen colorful (blue/yellow) ties