I've seen a lot of modified Nerf Mavericks, but this is probably the prettiest. Awesome gun holster, too. Using this as inspiration if I ever get around to finishing mine!


This nerf gun gets modded...a lot! But I love it!

Steampunk weapons.... love


Steampunk Nerf Gun & Holster Belt

nerf guns

Fizzwigg Galvanic Pistol steam punk gun by AgentOfChaos on Etsy, $25.00

Steampunk Pistols.

This is so me it's silly.... armored half sleeves off the bottom though

Light up pistol

Steampunk Telescopic Pistolby *ajldesign

Ok, everyone has done a maverick steampunk mod, but this one has some cool little doodads added on in addition to the paint job. i like it. Steampunk Maverick Nerf Gun


Set "Nerf gun" Holsters

Steampunk nerf gun

Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol by oldjunkyardboutique

Fucking amazing!!!


Steampunk Tendencies | Voltaic Hand Cannon MK. III by Shendorion #Pistol #Gun #Design #Steampunk