Fall Cuteness!  Moisture from pumpkins will keep the flowers fresh for a few days.

A "Mumpkin". A Mum covered Pumpkin. I like the idea of using a fake pumpkin and fake mums so that is lasts longer but there is something to be said about the real deal.

Flower Covered Pumpkins

Flowered Pumpkin - Hot glue flowers (artificial or tissue paper) to cheap dollar store pumpkin and add pretty stem.

Faux Flower Fall Arrangements For Indoors And Outdoors

These pretty and festive fall flower arrangements are a great addition to your Halloween decoration. Mix fall flowers with pumpkins and gourds as creative centerpieces and vases.

Flower pumpkins

To make these festive party decorations, pick up a carving or soft-skinned pumpkin, an awl (pointed tool), and some cut mums. Using the awl,.

Holiday Centerpiece Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece #happyholidays

bright orange carnations, it's the perfect centerpiece for a truly original Halloween party, housewarming or fall birthday. Artistically crafted by our floral designers, they'll swear it came straight from the pumpkin patch!

Create beautiful pumpkins for fall decor by covering them with fabric and mod podge. Perfect for any style of fall decor! | diy fabric covered pumpkins | fabric pumpkins | neutral fall decor | blue fall decor | mod podge fabric pumpkins |

DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Create beautiful and unique DIY fabric covered pumpkins to match your decor using faux pumpkins, fabric strips and Mod Podge!


Centros de mesa fabulosos para o Outono!

Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece To make, cut flowers (such as mums) at the top of their stem, just below the flower head. Hot-glue each blossom to an uncut pumpkin. A pedestal, gourds, and fall leaves complete the centerpiece.

Leafy centerpiece - Display your favorite fall foliage colors with simple decoupage (gluing flat objects or pictures to a surface). Real leaves applied to a white pumpkin set a sophisticated scene.

50 Pumpkin Decorating Projects

Modge Podge + Leaves on a pumpkin. so unique! I know where we can get some of these white pumpkins too. Great idea for fall decoration!

Entry decorating ideas for fall

65 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Fancy pumpkin - a Cinderella pumpkin / Halloween mash up??

18 Awesome Halloween Crafts & Tutorials

How to Keep Uncarved Pumpkins From Rotting | eHow

How to Keep Uncarved Pumpkins From Rotting


this picture makes me smile. I love the simplicity of the tulips wrapped in craft paper with raffia.