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Some of my recent deals are: MOTELS 1 Super 8 Motel, Sacramento - Loan Broker 2 Super 8 Motel. Mariposa - Consultant and Loan Broker 3 Clarion Hotel , San Jose - Loan Consultant GAS STATIONS/ LIQUOR STORES 1 Orland Gas and Shop - Orland - Consultant and Loan Broker 2 SHOP RITE Liquors, Alameda County - Loan Consultant and Broker 3 A1 Liquors, Alameda County - Loan Consultant and Broker

BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL LOANS We specialize in Business and Commercial Loans such as Motel Loan and Motel Financing. These would be SBA, USDA and Conventional and Hard Money. This is what differentiates us from other Lenders and Brokers.

We have a proven track record of financing all kinds of difficult Gas Station Convenience and Liquor Store Loan deals including contaminated sites and ARCO AMPM NATIONWIDE. Please call 707 355 0642 for a no cost no obligation consultation for Gas Station Loans. a resourceful and experienced Business/ Finance Consultant and a duly licensed Business Broker. Masters in Management (Texas A Univ.), of combined experience as a Consultant (Incl. Pac Bell, PGE, Kaiser, Bectel et al) and Business Broker (see Recent transactions under Past Deals). Due to my financial background I am very effective in obtaining loans and have arranged financing on almost all the businesses I have sold and numerous other deals.