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*baingan bharta recipe* - tasty and easy to make side dish for chapati made with mashed brinjal or aubergine. It is a very easy punjabi style sidedish recipe #indianfood #food #recipes #vegetarian #aubergine #sidedish

Seed Pâté

Seed Pâté Recipe - Made of seeds that have been soaked for a stretch and then blended into a creamy, full-bodied puree. Finished with a bit of miso - for flavor, seasoning, and easy nutritional boost. - from

baby corn pepper fry - easy to make side dish for rice or can be served as an appetizer. #indianfood #food #recipes #sidedish #babycorn

Succulent Seasonal Veggie Cakes

Winter vegetable torte , editible for any season as you wish & instructiUse your imagination and the vegetables of your choice, here's a list of what I used for my winter vegetable torte. No doubt I will be making this again! Buon Appetito ons

Community Post: 21 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Christmas Mains That Are Not Lentil Loaf

- Ricotta Goat Cheese Polenta Bake - Zuchinni and Potato Casserole - Italian Overnight Breakfast Bake - Scallop Potatoes - Stuffing

green peas masala curry - tasty and easy to make side dish for chapati, roti, naan and jeera rice. #indianfood #food #recipes #vegetarian #curry

'Bagara Baingan' [Eggplant] / 'Hyderabadi-Bagara-Baingan' [Eggplant] - An Andhra Pradesh, [India] Delicacy

pindi chole - tasty side dish for chapati, roti, naan, rice #indianfood #food #recipes #vegetarian #sidedish #chickpea