The Common Core State Standards call for our students to read closely to complex text. Close reading has been found to be a key component for making gains in reading. These comprehension sticks are a simple way to hold your students accountable and to make sure they are thinking while reading.

Close Reading Nonfiction Texts for Upper Elementary - Each text is discreetly differentiated into four levels of difficulty, with reading levels ranging from high-fourth to high-eighth. Following each topic are second read, third read, and writing response activities. Options are included for your interactive notebooks. These could also be included in literacy centers or given as weekly homework. Each month contains four high-interest topics. $

Here's a nice anchor chart on accountable talk stems. Most of these will be helpful in guiding math talk.

Close Read to get the Main Idea ~ FREEBIE! GREAT guided reading/close reading lesson for getting OBSERVED for grades 2- 5! Could be used with lower grades. I like to teach multiple skills when I have the chance ~ don't we all? This activity also helps build fluency, comprehension and close reading and writing skills ~ for students of all abilities! I made up this activity for an observation and to help my students find the main idea and ask and answer questions.

Comprehension Strategy - Question Ball.

Great posters for reading comprehension strategies

FREE Resources for Teaching Close Reading~ Helping students connect in meaningful ways with nonfiction has always been a challenge. This article defines close reading, offers teaching tips, and provides downloads to help teachers make the transition to this key CCSS style of instruction!

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200 Passages--A Full Year of Daily Common Core Reading Practice-- Inference, Main Idea, Vocabulary, Point of View--Close Reading, Multiple Choice, Short Response in Multiple Genres. --Informational Text, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Plays, Folktales, and Poetry. Quick, Daily Practice. Many Standards Repeat Across the Weeks for Steady Common Core Review $

7 reading comprehension strategy!

Turn and Talk Anchor Chart: Accountable Talk

Love this idea for storing those name sticks during whole group

Accountable Talk bulletin board... Goes well with Quality Questioning and my other favorite, Academic Conversations!

YOUR MISSION: Comprehension task cards

the person doing the talking is the person doing the learning

Reading Comprehension Spinner

Great Resource for Common Core Standards